Romain Fornell, chef at Caelis restaurant, located in Ohla Barcelona hotel, and François Chartier, créateur d’harmonies, sommelier and creator of molecular pairing, present a unique gastronomic experience around the figure of Picasso, coinciding with the exhibition “Picasso’s Kitchen” at the Picasso Museum (until September 30), where more than 200 works by this universal artist are exhibited.

Fornell and Cartier have designed a menu, called Oler y Comer para Ver a Picasso  (Smell and Eat to See Picasso), with eleven aromas, eleven wines –chosen by Florian David, sommelier at Caelis and Manager at Vistro 49 Wine Bar– and eleven dishes inspired by Picasso’s legacy.

The presentation sequence of work + aroma + wine + dish includes smelling an aroma through Aromastic, a stick developed by Sony to adapt to Chartier’s expertise, which gives off the fragrance the work represents.

After this set, where all the senses are protagonists, the gastronomic experience ends with a Citadelle gin and tonic in honour of Coco Chanel, a great friend of Picasso, and chocolates that transport us to her iconic perfume, Nº5.

This menu is served at Caelis Privé, the private room at Caelis restaurant, located in Ohla Barcelona hotel, until the end of September, under reservation and for groups of between 10 and 20 people.