Unique, urban, designer hotels Ohla boutique hotels are known for the care they take in the details, their use of top-quality materials, the choice of location, their commitment to large and innovative architectural projects, and the importance of giving guests a unique experience through comfort and quality without forgetting the cultural and leisure activities on offer in the city.

Two boutique hotels, Ohla Barcelona with 74 rooms and Ohla Eixample with 94, which are renowned for their personalised service and culinary offering, that are the result of unique buildings highlighting the combination of history and the most innovative design through the vision and collaboration of world-renowned architects and artists. The universe of experiences come together through wellbeing and the comfort of the rooms, fabulous terraces with one-of-a-kind pools, a wide variety of culinary delights and quality service that strives for excellence in order to make the Ohla experience unforgettable.



Ohla boutique hotels is committed to respecting and caring for the environment, to sustainable business activity and to supporting society around them. Each of their services, procedures and activities are analysed to ensure they meet these goals.

Recycling, separating waste, a policy for reasonable use of heating and air conditioning and cutting water use, the use of renewable energies, organic amenities, training staff in issues regarding the environment and working with various foundations are just some of the ways Ohla boutique hotels is working in this area. Likewise, the Ohla boutique hotels team also encourages guests to contribute to this good cause with small gestures that we will all appreciate in the future.



Here at Ohla boutique hotels we believe that the variety is the spice in life. This is why we take into account the needs of all of our guests and try to make each person's stay a personalised experience that surpasses their expectations thanks to the excellence of our services.

Our hotels are free of architectural barriers, feature rooms that are adapted for disabled guests and offer special products for those who are gluten intolerant or have other food allergies or intolerances. We actively seek to generate wealth and help the least fortunate, working with foundations and organisations to foster sustainable development and cultural diversity, traditions and values with special attention to people at risk of social exclusion.


Work with us

We are a Catalan company operating five-star boutique hotels that give our guests unique experiences that surpass their expectations, creating unique spaces in a respectful symbiosis of architecture, design and culture. Our mission is to offer contemporary urban luxury that focuses on the senses, design, Mediterranean haute cuisine, relaxation, leisure, wellbeing and comfort, in perfect harmony with our surroundings.

Our vision is to become a benchmark in the boutique market, boosting the Ohla brand and experience, with cutting-edge establishments and a management model that strives for excellence and to create an unforgettable experience for each guest, always anticipating their needs and desires.

If you're passionate about the hospitality sector, a job well done, meticulous attention to detail, striving to do better every day, the desire to grow and ability to adapt, send us your CV to: rrhh@ohlaboutiquehotels.com